Wheaties Targets New Market…Men

Have you ever heard the saying, “Find what works and stick with it”? No brand better embodies this philosophy than Wheaties. The “Breakfast of Champions” has built their brand using a simple formula– athletes, the slogan, and block letters on an orange box. This strategy has given the brand iconic status and kept Wheaties at the top of the cereal game since its launch in the 1920’s.

But as the New York Times reports, this formula doesn’t seem to be winning any new fans. Last year, Wheaties sold 10.1 million boxes, a drop of nearly 14 percent from the previous year. So how does General Mills freshen up a brand that has suddenly gone stale?

The answer is surprisingly simple and even more obvious. They target the men’s market. Duh, right?

Earlier this year, the brand launched Wheaties Fuel, a brand extension targeted specifically toward men. All of the testosterone-fueled marketing is specifically geared toward males and their competitive nature; sleek black boxes, elite athletes, and no smiles.

The reason Wheaties Fuel will be a success is that nobody in the category is speaking to men. And which brand will men listen to more than Wheaties? Amy Martin, a strategic planning director at Saatchi & Saatchi, explains that “females have historically more often been the purchasers of cereal”. But times are changing, “men are taking over a lot more of the shopping occasions; and as that happens, men are not just following a list but are much more focused on making decisions themselves”.

What do you think of the Wheaties line extension? Do you see any difference between the marketing and positioning of Wheaties Fuel and Dove’s Men + Care?

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